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Revolutionary Dress is a growing project by Hannah Linsky, a graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, pursuing her MA in Art Education. She loves playing dress up almost as much as she loves talking fashion history. Hannah and Rev Dress are here to make fashion history and the politics of dress more accessible and engaging to those outside of academic settings. And to show everyone that what we wear can be revolutionary, if we choose to make it so. 

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A Note

The Civil Rights movement, the Black Panther party and British punk culture and the zines that will follow are all incredibly rich topics, covering a beautiful array of peoples with varying beliefs, identities and goals. Trying to pair down this wealth of knowledge and perspectives into concise 20-page booklets for young people is not an easy task. Often, the trouble with making information snappy and easy to digest is that so much nuance and detail gets left out. The intention with these zines is that they provide an accessible path into an abundance of deeper, more thorough research and information. Our hope is that this work sparks a desire for students, young people and even adults to go further and explore on their own the amazing sources provided on the back of each zine and throughout the site. However, we also understand that in retelling and compressing histories that are not our own, there will always be points of imperfection, and thus an opportunity for conversation, learning and growth. These zines and the others that will follow are not static. As they are shared and discussed, may they expand and change for the better. We welcome the feedback. 

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